Denver, born 1983

An artist and educator both, Levi M. Fischer was born in 1983 in New York City and has been creating since he was a small child. In 1996, he acquired his first computer and began creating digital art soon after. LEVI holds a BFA from PRATT INSTITUTE, an MLS FROM QUEENS COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, and is currently BOTH A FULL TIME INSTRUCTIONAL LIBRARIAN & ADJUNCT FACULTY FOR THE MEDIA ARTS DEPARTMENT at FRONT RANGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE in WESTMINSTER, CO. 
In his artistic life since graduating from pratt institute in 2006, Levi specializes in digital painting, graphic works and photo-bashing. Most recently, this has been done in combination with modern art technology like AI to create dreamlike abstract environments. As of 2022, these environments usually feature water, as this is often considered a type of portal into a different world in various mythologies. 
As a transmasculine creator, Levi plays with the concept of transformation and escape in a lot of his works. He uses  different levels of abstraction to visualize the sensation of being fully alone in places that seem familiar and unfamiliar all at once. Levi expresses his own alienation and disconnect using varied environmental design and color to conceptualize strange and almost ritualistic places. 
Levi enjoys playing on the idea that the environments he creates enter into a world of the surreal; often incomplete with sections that don't seem to fit or make sense.
In his futuristic series “As Things Fell Apart, Nobody Paid Much Attention”, Levi captures a future that is both apocalyptic and ephemeral with broken geometry and mysterious, liminal locations. Levi has an ability to capture an augmented fantasy of what we'd consider reality. For this specific series he was inspired by Japanese Edo period architecture and sci-fi futurism, among others.
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