Levi Fischer is an artist that does not exist.

Except he does exist, and he is an artist. The work you see here is an extensive, intimate artistic partnership between Levi Fischer and a very advanced artificial intelligence algorithm. Here, Levi is able to push beyond the boundaries of what we know as reality and into conceptual dreams, nightmares, and places beyond where people are believed to exist. 
None of these places are real. They live in the mind's eye like ephemeral smoke. They cannot be recreated or replicated.
They float between all time and all space, combining the collective artistic values from countless millennia of countless artistic creation from countless minds into the unique work seen here. They come from Levi, they come from everywhere, they come from the math of the universe, they come from you.
Human civilization stands on a precipice of artistic creation, the edge of the known universe, explorers looking out over limitless creative potential. this is the start of that future, where artist and technology learn and create together.
many of Levi's works are inspired by Japanese architecture from the Edo period and Chinese imperial architecture, combined with brutalism and science fiction. Others come from inspiration from artists like Albert Bierstadt mixed with fantasy elements. Some are cartoon based, with bright colors and unreal forms using more illustrative techniques. All of them focus on surrealist elements in some way.

Levi enjoys playing with light and color, interior and exterior environments. One of the unifying themes across Levi's work is the focus on water, as water is often considered portals to another world in mythology. Within Levi's work, they represent the potential to cross over, to transform, to cross over into the unknown.
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